Social & Community Participation

playing board games with teenagers with disabilities
teenager with disability and support worker playing basketball

We support young men with disabilities to access their community and participate in social outings

We provide a range of supports for young men with disabilities to be able to participate, contribute and enjoy life in their community. We work with families, other support providers and carers to enable us to design a personalised plan that suits your needs and works best for you.

How we support you:

Building Relationships

We provide assistance in developing social skills to enable you to develop friendships. We can assist with meeting friends that are like-minded to you or/and find community groups and clubs that may be interesting to you.

Exploring Hobbies

We provide assistance in finding and exploring different hobbies. We work with you to find out your interests, preferences and abilities to pursue hobbies that are best suited for you.

Exploring the Community

We provide assistance to accessing the community. We can support you while you are participating in your favourite activities or exploring your favourite areas in Perth. 

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